Monday, July 13, 2009

Let's Put it All Together

A good friend wrote me from Cambell River, B.C. this morning and said he was going to dedicate his day to staying in service of the people he met, and drop the "what can I gain from this situation" mission altogether.

All together now...
As long as we only use our intelligence to monitor our own 'haves' and 'have-nots,' take constant inventory of where we are gaining and losing, and try to manipulate so that, you guessed it, we get ahead, we are miserable. Not satisfied, not enough, not working.

If we consider, on the other hand, the Reality of interdependence, and how beautifully all the beings' lives are utterly interwoven, how we were always together as a whole in the flow of life, a sudden desire appears to help others.

It causes so much joy. The kind of joy that complete, not hungry and not delighted by more

We can work desperately to create situations and relations and stations where feel connected, we are often tortured by our mistaken perceptions that we are separate from others. It causes such deep pain because it's not true.

The pain is in the creation, the change from nothing to something, something into something else. The illusions of getting attached and then losing the subject of our attachment seem to be the root cause of the pain, but the root cause is missing the presence of everyone everywhere through all time and space. It's not a little thing.

We see in each other what we most wish to see in ourselves. Therefore if we reflect our visions to one another, in the form of encouragement, attention, interest, compassion and empowerment, then we are offering a great service to the countless beings who will be able to see their own unique greatness.

I have met my Sacred Contract (Carl Jung, Caroline Myss, and on) face-to-face. It was much bigger than I could have guessed. It is relentlessly challenging me to bring about situations of yoga and trance, tranquil-ize and happily trick ourselves (me especially) into self-realization. And then you spread the joy, because the principle cause of no-joy is gone. Joy is the natural state. It's all suffering, but what about the Joy Factor (see next blog). The principle cause of no-connection is gone.

It turns out not to be a one-person job, so I've made a hobby of hiring and recruiting and taking advantage of all of my friends, family and online contacts. All together now sing, meditate and let your body flow with your breath, get so full you have to give it away. Inspire someone else to be happy. It can't hurt. It can help. That is all for now. Please leave your comment to let me know if you're up for the mission.


brad_hercina said...

Hi Beth,
Once again..., very synchronistic. There's a great teaching in the Recovery community, that if one is having a selfpity party and feeling down, the solution is to "get out of themselves" and go and do something for someone else. Works everytime!!
I'm thinkin this would be a great article for our Sept. , edition . I wii e-mail you some details.
kind regards

Beth Martens a.k.a. Vijaya said...

When I was sick and needing a lot of input from others, I tried to make a point of doing something for someone else every day, however small, to remind myself that I wasn't the only one who needed help. It made me feel free and happy despite not being well at all. Cheers!

jindi said...

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