Friday, April 3, 2009

Getting More Established

Being established under all circumstances ~ can you take a vow like this?  Getting established so you're ready when all hell breaks loose (and it does).  Established in what?  Watching the waves from the still bottom of the sea.  

Be aware of how opportunities to be established in our awareness require us to be alert. And like a snake eating its tail, to be alert requires we seize every opportunity to get established.

Our neighborhood has been declared in a state of flood emergency thanks to the frozen and rising Red River, and there are a few hundred sandbags on the driveway.  My bags are packed and in the car for possible evacuation. It's all very surreal, now and always, and I can keep hearing these words: Do you get it, do you get it now, how about now?  

Send me what gets you established.


Treat all the circumstances like a chance to get established and then get into the game of it. Win some, lose some.  What the heck.  Gotta try.


Natalie said...

Gotta love the way you think, Beth. :D

Sending love to you and your driveway!Hope all is well for you.x

Beth Martens said...

Thanks for the note and forgive me my slowness to find it. They're telling us the water has crested for the city of Winnipeg. I think they have no idea what Mother Nature needs to do to right herself. It makes me more excited about what I do, about blogging and making music, and it makes me appreciate more the privilege of being human. I like your honesty. I think it's all we want from each other and anyone. With kindness, Beth