Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Deeper Meaning of Yog Aasan

Yoga poses or aasanas are named for their various functions, actions, spirit and creators, all suffixed by the word aasan.  For example, hasta padangustaasan translates as hand to foot pose, virabhadraasan is warrior pose and Marichyaasan is a series of poses created by the sage Marichi.  There is also a less discussed and deeper meaning of pose, seat or aasan.  In Sanskrit, the word aasan, literally means 'seat.'  While practicing yoga poses and about our bodies we can explore the seat of the pose, i.e., where and at what level do you feel established and steady in it?  Also, what is aasan for the mind, where it can sit in calm balance, breathing easily and powerfully at the same time, and fulfill its true nature?   

Aasan means we're doing it on purpose with our awareness, that we live like we mean it, and there's a method in our madness.  We can through the practice of aasan deliberately position ourself so that knowledge can come; knowledge of our bodies, knowledge of our breath, knowledge of our thoughts and mind, and knowledge about our soul.  

Meditation and aasan work by them selves, we have only to put ourself in those positions, and avail ourself to deep knowledge.  


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