Monday, December 28, 2009

Bringing Matter into Consciousness

Until i begin, I don't know what the next moment holds...

...bring matter into consciousness, it's just a small thing to do in your spare time. it only takes forever. the mother lost, has become mother asleep. mother-asleep mothers with resentment, irritation, impatience, intolerance, jealousy; awake mother is the nectar-of-God-food, life way alive.

sleeping mother powerless to change

awake mother the force of change

sleeping mother dumbing down

waking mother speaking from the seat of knowledge

sleeping mother lies face up dead

waiting for the alarm

while waking mother wakes up everyone

waking mother massaging the hands and the feet and the legs and the belly and the head and the arms and chest

wake up little baby, wake up

Why is body awareness such a commodity? Because we are starving, and without it we are deprived of our birthright ... the human experience is all we innocently came for, to evolve the soul to the next level.

To be ourselves is all we want...but does it mean saying everything? Do we want to be able to say everything to one person, just because we are starved of opportunities to be ourself? if we had more ample opportunities, then it would be such a hot commodity, authenticity? it seems retarded to think that is such a rare gift...why is it that so few people can accomplish being themselves? Why after everything I've been through would I continue to care what was thought of me?

When i see a man risking being himself, it is hands down the most attractive thing...

We are vulnerable beings, and it is mostly through illusion that we create a veil of security (as my eye begins to twitch). Or are those the words of a person who lives on the edge...we could fly much higher as a species.

To breath we only need the basics...for the soul to breath along, it requires a windy, circular, cyclical path, often not clear about it's logical purpose, but so unmistakably guided in certain directions. hardly makes for a good book, haha

But low and behold, our ahaa-s are inspiring to others, why, because of the very energy transfer that takes place when the authentically transformed being speaks the path of that transformation...stories that can be told over and over as mantras and vibrations that carry the code of knowledge and wisdom for the next generations to come, speaking to the DNA as a continually evolving story of being.